Horse Clinics

Attending a horse clinic will help build your confidence as a rider and allow you to address issues with your horse.  Whether you attend a back to basics or advanced horsemanship clinic, Eric will help you and your
horse connect and become a well balanced team.

Please email me for a current calendar of clinic dates.

You can also book your own clinic for your specific needs.   Just call or email for more details.

Hi Eric
   Just wanted to let you know that we are getting excited for this spring. It reminds me of the wonderful clinics you provided us with last year. I have been in contact with many of the riders who attended last years clinics and they are very excited to attend them again this coming spring.  We appreciate every thing you have taught us from working on the ground in the round pen to safely mounting and riding our horses. Before meeting you many of us have had a bad experience on a horse and had lost our confidence to ride and you have helped us to regain our confidence and have shown us how to gain the respect of our horses so we can safely ride again.  I can't help but remember those who brought horses with issues that made their horses unsafe to be around. Like the horse who would kick out at a passerby but buy golly with your help that horse is safe to walk around now.  How about the horse that would not load, in 45 minutes you had that horse loaded and unloaded several times in a little two horse trailer non the less. You did not quit when you could load the horse, before leaving she was able to do it on her own.  So many of us had thought that it was our horse with the issue but you have shown us that by correcting our mistakes our horses don't have the issues that we thought they did.  I still think the best is when that teenage girl unloaded those two huge horses who where half draft, but after showing Tara how to ground work them she was actually able to ride one of them by mid afternoon. She was a bit intimidated by him but you taught her how to handle him safely and what to do if he should want to act up. You did such a good job showing her what to do that she had the confidence to ride him.  From you we have learned that our horses need to trust us and that we have to be the alpha person and demand respect then horse and rider can safely work together as a team.  I could go on for pages if I were to list every thing you taught us, some times it even gets over whelming, but what I enjoy the most is that you make these clinics so enjoyable.  I really believe that being a clinician is what you were meant to be and I want to be able to do what I can to make that possible here in Bismarck because there is a need for your style of training in our local area.
                                                                                            Appreciatively yours,
                                                                                            Byron and Barbara Burrer
                                                                                            Saddle Burrer Ranch

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